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Die Mitglieder des amcAUSTRIA sind die österreichischen Erzeugerorganisationen für Obst und Gemüse. Ziel von Erzeugerorganisationen ist eine Bündelung des 


Producer Organisations - abbreviated POs - are mergers of farmers for fruit and vegetables that have the following aims:
to concentrate supply in order to strengthen the position of fruit and vegetable producers in the agri-food chain;
to plan production, to adapt supply to meet demand, as much for quality as for quantity and to prevent and manage crises;
to improve the competitiveness of production and marketing on the domestic and world market, by both controlling production costs and focusing more on the market;
to increase the value of commodities through processing and marketing
to increase the focus on fruit and vegetables in our diets;
to encourage production methods which respect the environment and landscape.
In Austria there are 11 recognized POs for fruit and vegetables. In entire Europe there exist about 1.500 POs for f&v that generate a value of marketed production (VMP) of approximately 14 billions € per annum. 


amcAUSTRIA - Interessensvertretung der österreichischen Erzeugerorganisationen

für Obst und Gemüse e.V.

(vertreten durch die gfa-consulting gmbh)
ZVR: 005608 140
Franz-Bruckner-Gasse 15
8160 Weiz
T: +43 3172  93 080
F: +43 3172  93 080  10
M: +43 676  840 300 107